This week I doubled the size of the Swish and Swoon catalog with dozens of new items from Equipment, Cleobella and Current Elliott. Take a look at the Swish and Swoon New Arrivals and you might find something that you just can’t resist.

Speaking of Cleobella, I’m super excited to be adding them to our inventory.Cleobella’s products are hand made in Bali. They even color their textiles with natural vegetable dyes! I love that their surplus fabrics and leathers are donated to local Balinese charities. If you are looking for a unique handcrafted piece then look no further.

The international fashion trade show I attended last week was incredible. I connected with some amazing brands and I cannot wait to share with you guys some of LA’s hottest up and coming designers.

I hadn’t been away from my kids in over 2 years and the whole experience was really positive for our family. My daughter, Selah, couldn’t wait to give us this card when we got home. So glad I experienced the trade show, but happy to be home after 3 days of shopping!

Guys, I’m so excited to share this find with you.  It is near and dear to my heart, as it’s designed by a life-long friend of mine.  You know, the friend you really will have forever.  This girl, Gretchen,  has so much talent it’s ridiculous, and when she told me she had started designing a jewelry line called Alphaline Design I just knew it was going to be amazing.  Aaaand it is.  Completely.  I was the one asking her if I could feature it.

Isn’t it beautiful?  There are only 50 in production, (only a few left!) and I’ve never seen anything like it.  It clasps together in the front.  So it’s about the easiest necklace I’ve ever put on.  I have to tell you, I’m not obsessive compulsive  but when I wear this I can’t help but pull it apart and then snap back together throughout the day.  I’ve turned it every which way and it always snaps back together perfectly!   SNAP!   It’s very entertaining.  And somewhat satisfying.  Also it’s sterling silver, made in the USA, and did I mention designed by my friend?  Sorry if I come off as obnoxious, I’m just so proud of her!

Necklace:  Alphaline Design $50, Dress:  Modcloth Stylish Surprise

Oh, wondering why I’m so dressed up?  I’ve been meaning to post this dress forever!  Sorry it has taken me so long.  It’s my stylish surprise from Modcloth.  Not bad for $15!  A little flashier than I’m used to, but it’s fun wearing something a little different.  Isn’t it perfect for the holidays?



01//  Whimsical art print   $30.  Admitidly, this is more for parents than the littles.  But I’m sure waking up and seeing these darling birdies is sure to put a smile on your little one’s face.  I know Selah loves birds!  I mean, they tweet people.  And we like things that tweet.

02//  Primary Playon Crayon $12.  These are gorgeous colors and I love that Selah won’t be able to munch on them like regular crayons.

03// Custom Portrait $19.  What a great price for a custom piece of artwork.  Mixing this in on a wall of art prints would look amazing!

04//  MoMA Fish Hotel Tank $35.  Such a great design for the modern fish.

05//  Maileg Fox with Hat $34.  This fox is so stinkin’ cute.

06//  Tegu Magnetic Wooden  Block Set $60.  These blocks are genious.  Selah isn’t big enough to build things with her blocks, and she is no longer fascinated by picking them up and holding them like she was when she was a baby.  This set is the perfect solution!

07//  Red Mushroom Clock $68.  What is it about mushrooms that are so adorable?  I don’t think they are cute in real life, and I don’t care for them much to eat either.  But when it comes to mushroom decor I’m a huge fan.

08//  Vintage Horse Silhouette $22.  What a great price on this one of a kind vintage silhouette!

09//  Ikea Tea Set $10.  We got Selah a play kitchen off Craigslist for Christmas, and we made  a special trip to Ikea for this tea set.  (Of course we found some other great stuff while we were there.)  It’s ceramic and just lovely.

10//  Maileg Twin Mice In Box $29.50.  Little people like little creatures.

11//  People  By Blexbolex.  Was $20 now $14.  The retro looking illustrations in this book look stunning!












01// The statement necklace. This thing looks straight outta an Anthropologie store. How fun would it be to say you made this!?

02// Stencil Pillow. Pick a sweet quote (or I guess it could be sassy too!) and give it to your BFF!

03// Make it Camera Strap. Seems like almost everyone is lugging around those huge cameras. What a great idea.

04// Kiddo Tee. Homemade shirts are the best. I imagine. Because I’ve never made one.

05// Make these cute neon and gold notebooks. Super quick and easy DIY for teachers and the like.

06// Hex Nut Bracelet . This would be great for an accessory exchange!

07// Simple Terrarium . Only give this to someone with a proven track record of keeping their plants alive, or someone who wants an actual living thing they have to take care of. I like the idea of it, but not the actual work. So please don’t give this to me. Thanks.

08// A time to create box. This is my favorite DIY idea. You know that friend that just loves to craft? Load up a box of inspirational trinkits and crafty things. She’ll be thrilled and entertained for hours!

09// Turban and Sweater. I’m sorry. I don’t know if this is actually easy or not. Any knitters out there? I’m pretending like it’s easy until I hear otherwise.

10// Gold Leaf Paper Mache Bowls. Storage for all that DIY jewelry your friends are wearing

Call me old fashioned, but I often times write out my blog posts on paper.  I like to doodle.  I like to cross things off my list.  And I like to chew on my pen.

Sitting outside with a cup of tea in my cozy corner quiets my soul.  It’s my spot.

Sure, sometimes I get distracted and take pictures of my shoes.

 Or sometimes I just sit, notebook closed, eyes open, taking in the simple beauty around me.  The old bricks,  the worn wicker, green life.  Often times I  read, or whisper a prayer.

Do you have a spot like this?  Maybe it looks much different than mine, but it’s the place you go to nourish your soul.

 01// Strapped & Studded Wedges.  The $178 shoe for $39.  These shoes go with purty much everything.  Soft suede and oh so comfortable.

02//  Gap Pure Long Sleeve Pocket Tee  The $36 shirt for $8.  Only on sale in store.  I don’t know why they do that!  But I do know this is the perfect shirt.  Which is why I got 3 different colors.

03// Ombre Quince Ruffled Shorts  The $168 shorts for $19.95.  I adore these shorts.  Silky and swoon worthy.

04//  Drawing Room Necklace  The $48 necklace for $19.95.  My friend tried to steal this from me.  (You know who you are!)  Love.