Essential Oil Personal Inhaler



12 Essential Oil Nasal Inhaler Tubes and Oil Proof Labels Perfect for Aromatherapy, and Diffusing Essential Oils on the Go.

The Essential Oil Kids Inhaler Kit is a simple approach to using fragrant essential oils on the go. Featuring twelve of our most popular labels, Essential Oil Kids makes aromatherapy easy and accessible with our high quality, sanitary white inhalers. They’re ready to use so that you can start benefiting from essential oils immediately by dropping your favorite blends on the wick. (If you don’t have a favorite blend yet, don’t worry we will email you our favorite recipes that correspond with each label.) Both adults and children will enjoy the convenience and benefits of Essential Oil Kids Inhaler Kit!

This kit includes 12 blank inhalers and the following labels:

  • Focus – concentration support
  • Energize –  mood support
  • Breath – allergy support
  • Wellness – immune support
  • Travel – motion support
  • Settled – digestive support
  • Relief – head and neck support
  • Still – sleep support
  • Happy – mood support
  • Peace  – mood support
  • Clear – airway support
  • Balance – hormone support


  • BLANK EMPTY NASAL INHALER TUBES  FOR AROMATHERAPY – Add your favorite essential oil blends to our high quality plastic inhalers to enjoy aromatherapy on the go. Our durable oil proof (and waterproof) labels will make your essential oil collection look fantastic.
  • OIL PROOF AROMATHERAPY LABELS –  Unique oil proof layer + premium oil proof labels = no more fading ink or unexpected smears. Unlike ordinary labels, ours don’t smear or fade when they’re inevitably touched with oily fingers. These labels simply don’t care when oil drips on them and will withstand heavy use. Plus, the designs are simply irresistible.
  • 12 DIFFUSER RECIPES – You’ll instantly receive 12 essential oil recipes (via email)  to correspond with each label.
  • ARRIVE IN A SEALED BAG – Our inhalers are packed professionally in the USA in a sealed bag.. Includes 12 unscented wicks, 12 inhalers, 12 covers with labels, and 12 caps.
  • REUSABLE AND ECONOMICAL – These inhalers are designed to be used again and again. The cap is deliberately snug to preserve the essential oil up to a month. Reapply oil to the wick as needed.



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