Earn Your Stripes Everyday Dress



We’re hyped for stripes. The Earn Your Stripes Everyday Dress comes in a super soft stretch fabric and features black horizontal stripes, three quarter sleeves, and a lengthened hem in the back. You can also wear it over ripped skinnies and riding boots.

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  • Model is 5’8″ wearing a size small
  • 34″ Length measured from the back
  • Rayon/Poly/Cotton/Spandex

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Size (Women's)

S, M, L


  1. Oh honey, I feel ya! I was swooning over this dress! I kind of feel like it’s going to diatcte everything I wear this Spring and nothing can possibly compare to it’s fabulosity. (Wow, that sounded super geeky & yet, I’m ok with it because that’s how much I love that dress.)

  2. Oh honey, I feel ya! I was swooning over this dress! I kind of feel like it’s going to diatcte everything I wear this Spring and nothing can possibly compare to it’s fabulosity. (Wow, that sounded super geeky & yet, I’m ok with it because that’s how much I love that dress.)

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