A few weeks ago our sweet friends casually invited us to spend the day with them in Laguna Beach.  They had rented John Wayne’s beach house for the week.

Umm…let me think about that.


And I’m so glad we did!  Our first official family daycation.  This quaint little cottage was nestled in the sand right below the bluff.


I told Travis I would rather live in a small cottage by the sea than the big houses on the bluff.

Oh how modest I am, right?

Selah had a blast  even though she preferred the kiddie  pool to the  ocean.   And Duke even fell asleep on me a few times.  Success!  Can you believe I forgot my camera?  All images were  captured on my iPhone.

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I’ve had a few inquiries about putting together a city guide for Orange County, California and the surrounding area.   I’m hopeful I’ll still be getting out and about over the next few months, even though I’ll be toting around Selah and a new baby!  I can’t see myself staying cooped up for very long.   There are such a wide range of attractions in the area ranging from amazing places to eat, shop, beautiful parks, rugged nature trails, hidden beaches, museums…..the list goes on and on.  I’m excited to share these adventures and discoveries with you all.




I thought we would start with a local bakery and cafe that just opened right down the street.  Before they opened, I walked by the storefront a hundred times and fell in love with the minimalist decor.  It stood out to me like a shining beacon of light amongst the many bars in Fullerton.  I liked it so much I decided to have my baby shower here (next week!) even though I hadn’t tasted their food.  I know it was a little risky, but I couldn’t help myself.  I thought if there were putting this much time and care into the ambiance then I’m sure the food must be amazing as well.  Luckily I was right!



Everything they bake here is made from scratch.  Fresh.  That morning.  (Including the bread they use for their sandwiches.)  I had a chocolate crissont and was hooked.  Did I mention their ice cream?  It’s homemade, thank you very much.  I tried the vanilla honey and it’s as delicious as it sounds.  For Mother’s Day we popped in and ordered some sandwiches for our picnic.  My favorite was the fried chicken.  It was the best I’ve ever had!  I’m looking forward to sampling their fresh salads as well.

Hope you all had a great Memorial weekend!



Happy Friday to you!  We are camping at the beach with some friends this weekend!  Looking forward to some sun (actually I usually end up in the shade under the umbrella), lots of grilling out, kids, and craziness I’m sure. XOXO.

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A more accurate title would be Our Last Week In Pictures, but that sounded rather morbid! We are having a grand time in Mammoth, CA with our camping buddies. Lots of lakes, wind, and L.L. Bean. Hope you are having a fabulous Monday!

Happy Monday!  ‘Twas a gorgeous weekend here in Southern California.  We had much to celebrate this week.   Travis and I went to a fancy pants restaurant for his birthday and we had an amazing dinner.  Amazing.  As you can see, two of the five pictures above contain a picture of us eating.  Sometimes in the middle of dinner I start thinking about what I’ll have for desert.  Or maybe before I get in bed I’m thinking about what sounds good for breakfast.  When Travis gets home we usually discuss what we had for lunch, and by the way, what will we have for dinner.

Although I love food, a cook I am not.  I tried.  I just don’t enjoy the process of cooking.  Oh how I have spent so many years lamenting over my lack of passion in the kitchen.  I’ve tried different things to ignite that spark.  Like I’ll think, Ohh Rachel Rays 30 min recipes!  I could watch that on TV, and then make her dish.  That would make cooking fun!   NOPE.  Then it was Pinterest.  Oh look at these beautiful pictures of food.  Wow, this is actually fun looking for recipes on here, I can do this, I can cook these things!! Still not fun.

Back to the subject at hand.  We also had a backyard full of people celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday!  I put Selah down early while the party raged on (I’m dramatizing it wasn’t too loud) and sort of hovered around her door in case she woke up from the music.  She didn’t.  That girl slept through the entire night.  Her sleeping habits are sort of a big deal around here.

Hope you all had a great week!