This week I doubled the size of the Swish and Swoon catalog with dozens of new items from Equipment, Cleobella and Current Elliott. Take a look at the Swish and Swoon New Arrivals and you might find something that you just can’t resist.

Speaking of Cleobella, I’m super excited to be adding them to our inventory.Cleobella’s products are hand made in Bali. They even color their textiles with natural vegetable dyes! I love that their surplus fabrics and leathers are donated to local Balinese charities. If you are looking for a unique handcrafted piece then look no further.

The international fashion trade show I attended last week was incredible. I connected with some amazing brands and I cannot wait to share with you guys some of LA’s hottest up and coming designers.

I hadn’t been away from my kids in over 2 years and the whole experience was really positive for our family. My daughter, Selah, couldn’t wait to give us this card when we got home. So glad I experienced the trade show, but happy to be home after 3 days of shopping!

swish and swoon magic las vegas

My husband believes in me so much and it fills me with confidence. Thanks babe for driving me through the desert and dropping me off at the MAGIC front door in Las Vegas.





A few weeks ago our sweet friends casually invited us to spend the day with them in Laguna Beach.  They had rented John Wayne’s beach house for the week.

Umm…let me think about that.


And I’m so glad we did!  Our first official family daycation.  This quaint little cottage was nestled in the sand right below the bluff.


I told Travis I would rather live in a small cottage by the sea than the big houses on the bluff.

Oh how modest I am, right?

Selah had a blast  even though she preferred the kiddie  pool to the  ocean.   And Duke even fell asleep on me a few times.  Success!  Can you believe I forgot my camera?  All images were  captured on my iPhone.

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 Shirt: Anthropologie (posted in my sale alert ), Skirt: Target

We went to the county fair on Saturday morning.  Selah was fascinated by everything and amused by the animals. Especially the goats. One of them tried to eat her dress.

It was the highlight of the trip.

And of course, the food was to die for. We took it easy and only got a side order of those glorious onion rings. Oh man those onion rings. We get them every year. A regular family tradition.

Because I’m only a few weeks postpartum, we mainly just stuck to the garden and farm area. Aaaand we may have broken a few rules by actually touching the produce.

Our conversations went like this:
Me: Babe, just put her in the corn. The picture will be awesome!
Travis: Um, okay but only because your from the Midwest.
Me: Yeah, what are they going to do, kick us out!?
Selah: Says nothing but is listening. She’s always listening! Not my finest moment as her mother.

A worker (they have people there who’s job is to protect the produce from people like us!) half heartily told us to please get out of the corn. I think he couldn’t deny us this photo opp so he let Travis snap one before we jumped down, capturing this priceless look on Selah’s face of, I don’t know who’s mother that is.

Where was Duke during this whole escapade, you ask? Sleeping like a baby the entire time. My kinda Saturday morning.


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victoria beach

swish and swoon victoria beach

family picture at Victoria Beach

Photography by Susan Peck Photography

Can you believe these are pictures taken in southern California?

Welcome to Victoria Beach. A teeny tiny beach nestled in an off-the-beaten path neighborhood in Laguna Beach, CA. I’ve lived in California for 10 years and never heard of it. More amazingly, I soon discovered most people I know who have lived here all their lives hadn’t heard of this beach either. There are tide pools galore. Rocks covered in neon green algae. Cliffs with vines tumbling down the sides. Just plain rugged beauty.

I would highly recommend visiting on a weekday. We went in the late afternoon during the week and still hunted for a spot because it’s street parking in a tiny, hilly neighborhood. You definitely need to strategically plan when visiting here, but it’s totally worth it. There were only a few other people on the entire beach when we were there.

We had an absolute blast taking these pictures. Family pictures are so precious to me because they are few and far between over here. I can’t believe our family will look so different in just a few days. I’m officially 41 weeks and so I can say without a doubt, C’mon baby boy we are ready for you!


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this weekend

We are headed out tomorrow for a checkup with my midwife, and then head out straight to the beach afterwards!  It’s Travis’ birthday, and a day at the beach sounds like just the way to celebrate.  I just love why we celebrate birthdays.  The celebration of  life!  It’s supposed to be gorgeous and I am looking forward to soaking it in.

Finally this weekend I’ll be having my shower for baby boy! EEEK! As my due date gets closer I get more excited and nervous.  Or thrilled and terrified, depending on how dramatic (hormonal) I’m feeling that day.

Have a happy weekend!


I’ve had a few inquiries about putting together a city guide for Orange County, California and the surrounding area.   I’m hopeful I’ll still be getting out and about over the next few months, even though I’ll be toting around Selah and a new baby!  I can’t see myself staying cooped up for very long.   There are such a wide range of attractions in the area ranging from amazing places to eat, shop, beautiful parks, rugged nature trails, hidden beaches, museums…..the list goes on and on.  I’m excited to share these adventures and discoveries with you all.




I thought we would start with a local bakery and cafe that just opened right down the street.  Before they opened, I walked by the storefront a hundred times and fell in love with the minimalist decor.  It stood out to me like a shining beacon of light amongst the many bars in Fullerton.  I liked it so much I decided to have my baby shower here (next week!) even though I hadn’t tasted their food.  I know it was a little risky, but I couldn’t help myself.  I thought if there were putting this much time and care into the ambiance then I’m sure the food must be amazing as well.  Luckily I was right!



Everything they bake here is made from scratch.  Fresh.  That morning.  (Including the bread they use for their sandwiches.)  I had a chocolate crissont and was hooked.  Did I mention their ice cream?  It’s homemade, thank you very much.  I tried the vanilla honey and it’s as delicious as it sounds.  For Mother’s Day we popped in and ordered some sandwiches for our picnic.  My favorite was the fried chicken.  It was the best I’ve ever had!  I’m looking forward to sampling their fresh salads as well.

Hope you all had a great Memorial weekend!







mothers day collage

I can’t wait until I’m a grandma.  When Selah has a family of her own I keep thinking Then she’ll know how much I love her.  (And how hard/amazing this motherhood thing can be!)  Travis and I spent a sweet day with my mom and daughter.  I love these people.  I kept thinking about how blessed I am to love so much and be so loved.  The older I get the more I appreciate them, and those closest to me.  We had a picnic in the park and I tried my best to brave the 90 degree heat with my larger than life belly.  And I’m so excited, I got a Bamboo tablet to play with and add handwriting to my photos!  I still need to practice a lot, sorry if my handwriting looks like a fourth graders! (That’s my own handwriting in the first picture.)  Hope you had a great weekend too!

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Happy Monday, friends!  This weekend was all about me getting out of my comfort zone.   Travis absolutely loves to off road, and he was so excited to plan a day trip with me and Selah.  You see, I’ve never been a fan of off roading.  It had literally been years since I had gone.  So, why not go 7 months pregnant?  Brilliant!

God bless him, he drove slow.  Extremely slow.  It took a few more hours than we had planned.  But the slowness of the ride wasn’t able to cushion the jolts of the rocky road.  And I tell you what, my pregnant body did not like.  Now I know why people say to drive down a bumpy road to induce labor.   Seriously!   (The contractions I had were Braxton Hicks so I wasn’t experiencing the real deal.)  That combined with baby boy on my bladder made for plenty of pit stops.  Ahhh, the joys of pregnancy!  (No, really, it is a truly a  joy!)

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travis 2







With our sweet Selah finally on the mend, Travis and I were itching to go out on a MUCH needed date.  So, I threw on my new silk  pants ( posted about them here!  They were $88 and I got them for $9.95)  and we drove to Old Towne Orange.  After  ordering one of the best hamburgers I’ve ever had the pleasuring of devouring, we strolled around, peeked in some shops, and really just tried to keep our eyes open.  I blame it on being 7 months pregnant.  Tired or not, these date nights are priceless!