This week I doubled the size of the Swish and Swoon catalog with dozens of new items from Equipment, Cleobella and Current Elliott. Take a look at the Swish and Swoon New Arrivals and you might find something that you just can’t resist.

Speaking of Cleobella, I’m super excited to be adding them to our inventory.Cleobella’s products are hand made in Bali. They even color their textiles with natural vegetable dyes! I love that their surplus fabrics and leathers are donated to local Balinese charities. If you are looking for a unique handcrafted piece then look no further.

The international fashion trade show I attended last week was incredible. I connected with some amazing brands and I cannot wait to share with you guys some of LA’s hottest up and coming designers.

I hadn’t been away from my kids in over 2 years and the whole experience was really positive for our family. My daughter, Selah, couldn’t wait to give us this card when we got home. So glad I experienced the trade show, but happy to be home after 3 days of shopping!

Hey Friends,

I’ve been a little quiet with the blog, but there’s been so much happening at Swish and Swoon that I have to fill you in!

First of all, we’ve got a bunch of beautiful items from Joie, Equipment, and Cleobella in stock.  (I literally have shelves full of buttery calf leather purses just waiting to get on your shoulder.)

If you follow us on Instagram (@shopswishandswoon), you know we wrapped up shooting for our fall lookbook last week. Seriously, I didn’t know my job could be this much fun! I’ll be getting the photos in next week and then, BAM, our items will be up. Lots of steals that I can’t wait to share.

I’m headed to a major international fashion convention this week, where I’ll be discovering the latest up and coming designers to add to the shop. I’ll be keeping my eye out for high quality pieces made from elegant materials. Stay tuned!



Things are looking different here at Swish and Swoon these days! First of all, I have two toddlers who I think are pretty adorable.

duke newsletter selah ballet

Secondly, Swish and Swoon is finally its own store! Here’s how it went down. I basically kept hearing from readers that the deals I was blogging about were sold out within minutes. It was pretty discouraging, because a lot of time and effort went into each post, but the post was only relevant for a short amount of time. I took a break from blogging and realized my passion for finding deals hadn’t fizzled out; I just needed a new outlet for it.

I began getting connected to the fashion industry. I learned that in traditional retail, a designer shirt is marked up 8x by the time it reaches the customer. All the brands I carry are at luxury retailers like Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Ave.  By being online only, I eliminate brick-and-mortar expenses. And because of my connections within the fashion industry, I’m able to pass the savings on to you.

My shop is stocked full of classic, comfortable, low maintenance and practical pieces. You’ll find lots of easy to wear, great to travel with, go-to pieces you’ll wear over and over again. What I’m especially excited about are the current season items that you won’t find on sale anywhere else.


I want to give a huge thank you to all my readers who have encouraged and supported me through this process! My store launch went amazingly well.

As a thank you, I’m offering free shipping with code ‘swishandswoonshop’ now until October 16th. Offer is store-wide and includes fall/winter 2014 items.


first blush dress

Hi Guys, this sweet dress is now $19.95, marked down from $148.  There are still a wide range of sizes available, and it got great reviews on Anthropologie!  Hope you guys have an awesome weekend.  Travis and Selah are going off roading and camping, so I have a little time to relax with Duke.  Funny how having a 2 month old by myself for a few days is now considered relaxing!  My how times have changed.


sale altert

For 48 hours only these two items will be on sale over at Ever+Mi Crush.  As a matter of fact, their ENTIRE store is 50% off with the code CELEBRATE.  Eeepp!

Burning Embers Coat by Tulle was $98 now $49.  This coat really speaks for itself.  LOVE.  Perfect for crisp, fall weather, this  military structured wool jacket is balanced with a feminine-tailored shape and flared waist.

Aztec Stripe Kimono by Tulle was $60 now $30.  Have you all jumped on the kimono wagon yet?  I’ve been seeing them all over Pinterest and adore them!  A must for the fall.


Lori Sandals from Anthropologie

These sandals from Anthropologie are awesome!  I know, I know.   I keep bombarding you with sale posts lately.  While Duke was nursing I found these guys.  A little edgier than what I’m used to seeing at Anthro!  I’ve been posting a lot of what’s going on in my life pictures over on Instagram.  It’s all I have energy for this week!  My sweet boy Duke is 6 weeks old, and my midwife said this is where babies can start to get really fussy.  Well Duke must have heard her because sure enough this has been an over the top challenging week.  I hope to sit down and write a post or two next week!  Miss you guys!  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!