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Photography:  Closer to Love Photography Sweatshirt: c/o Skip N’ Whistle, Shoes:  Anthro, Skirt: Target

I know.  I’m neither skipping, nor whistling.

Is this an accurate representation of my life right now?  Some days, yes.  Some days, no!  But I’ve learned to cherish these simple pleasures whenever they present themselves.  A walk through the leaves with my family.  A tiny hand that reaches for mine.  A babe whose eyes light up upon seeing my face.   A day when I’m wearing real clothes and makeup.

I’ve had these moments lately when I question what on earth I’m doing and how I can take another step.  In the heavy darkness I hear my boy grunt  for me.  I roll over drifting back to sleep because “that can’t be for me…..”  The next shriek quickly awakens me  to reality and brings him back into my arms.  Holding a sleepy nursing baby is what these arms were made for.  This is my life right now.  I’m incredibly blessed.


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