Oh Hello Again


How  was your long weekend?  We were just trying to keep it cool over here in the 100+ degree weather.  And nothing says cool like a vintage sailor outfit that matches your sister’s dress.  Nothing.


He makes my heart go pitter patter.


Oh, and in case you missed it on Instagram, I have a crazy story about this outfit!  Some sweet woman was admiring Duke.  Her son who is now 25 used to have the same sailor suit.   She had just cleaned out some boxes of old clothes to donate to the Goodwill.  Well wouldn’t ya know, I just happened to pick this up at the…you guessed it….Goodwill!  This used to be her sons!  I don’t really believe in coincidences.  I think for some reason this was some sort of divine appointment.  She was pretty delighted and blown away seeing Duke in that outfit, I tell ya what.  I would have stuck around to engage her a bit more, but I had just broken my toe.  Literally broke my toe, people.  And Duke was recovering from a meltdown.  And we were all starving because of Duke’s meltdown. Turns out we get pretty self conscious when it comes to screaming babies and restaurants.


Aaand moving on to other news on the home front.  This is a more realistic picture of what OUR weekend looked like.  One sickie girl and one naked baby boy.  I admit I love the extra cuddles and the way she lets me run my fingers through her hair when she’s under the weather.  She slept in our bed for the first time since she was an infant.  My independent girl likes her own room and crib, so it was a special treat to have her reach across the bed and touch my hand before we both drifted off the sleep.


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5 replies on “Oh Hello Again

  • Gnomelover

    Your babies! Adorable! I cannot get over the beautiful hair Duke has. Wow!

    Looking at the age of your kids makes my heart long for more. But that time is past. Enjoy your little ones! It definitely looks like you are!


  • Inga

    I love the story about the sailor suit. What are the chances! I’m sure you will always treasure it, and keep it long after he outgrows it. By the way he looks just like daddy doesn’t he?

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