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 Shirt: Anthropologie (posted in my sale alert ), Skirt: Target

We went to the county fair on Saturday morning.  Selah was fascinated by everything and amused by the animals. Especially the goats. One of them tried to eat her dress.

It was the highlight of the trip.

And of course, the food was to die for. We took it easy and only got a side order of those glorious onion rings. Oh man those onion rings. We get them every year. A regular family tradition.

Because I’m only a few weeks postpartum, we mainly just stuck to the garden and farm area. Aaaand we may have broken a few rules by actually touching the produce.

Our conversations went like this:
Me: Babe, just put her in the corn. The picture will be awesome!
Travis: Um, okay but only because your from the Midwest.
Me: Yeah, what are they going to do, kick us out!?
Selah: Says nothing but is listening. She’s always listening! Not my finest moment as her mother.

A worker (they have people there who’s job is to protect the produce from people like us!) half heartily told us to please get out of the corn. I think he couldn’t deny us this photo opp so he let Travis snap one before we jumped down, capturing this priceless look on Selah’s face of, I don’t know who’s mother that is.

Where was Duke during this whole escapade, you ask? Sleeping like a baby the entire time. My kinda Saturday morning.


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  • Nury

    LOL @ the convo. But isn’t that what we all parents do? Especially if we want to take a nice picture of the kids and ourselves. I can relate, I’ve had a conversation like that with the hub before lol. I love your top, it’s so cute. I have a huge thing for peter pan collar shirts, and own none yet -sigh-.

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