A Lazy Day in the Hammock






Tank:  Gap, Skirt:  H&M, Necklace:  c/o Pink Lemonade

Our neighbor gave this hammock to us.  Well technically, it was left on the  curb with a FREE sign taped to it.  Thank you, kind neighbors, for the freebie.  You’ve made one pregnant mama and 2 year old very happy!  We spent a good chunk of our Sunday swinging under the old olive tree.  Reading books, and soaking up the bits of afternoon sun that shone down on us through the leaves like little spotlights.  It was a lazy weekend indeed, and thankfully I have an understanding husband who was happy to spend his father’s day in the front yard with his little family.  We’ve started dreaming more and more about what life will be like with our little boy, and we are bursting with excitement and anticipation.

It should also be noted I’ve come to a standoff with my closet.  I stubbornly refuse to buy any new item of clothing for this last week of pregnancy, but my choices of garments are growing increasingly slim.  At least I have accessories to keep things interesting!  This necklace is my current favorite, and just happens to be made out of the softest, buttery jersey that drapes lightly around my neck.  It makes the plainest of tanks look beautiful!


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