Top DIY Gifts on Pinterest


01// The statement necklace. This thing looks straight outta an Anthropologie store. How fun would it be to say you made this!?

02// Stencil Pillow. Pick a sweet quote (or I guess it could be sassy too!) and give it to your BFF!

03// Make it Camera Strap. Seems like almost everyone is lugging around those huge cameras. What a great idea.

04// Kiddo Tee. Homemade shirts are the best. I imagine. Because I’ve never made one.

05// Make these cute neon and gold notebooks. Super quick and easy DIY for teachers and the like.

06// Hex Nut Bracelet . This would be great for an accessory exchange!

07// Simple Terrarium . Only give this to someone with a proven track record of keeping their plants alive, or someone who wants an actual living thing they have to take care of. I like the idea of it, but not the actual work. So please don’t give this to me. Thanks.

08// A time to create box. This is my favorite DIY idea. You know that friend that just loves to craft? Load up a box of inspirational trinkits and crafty things. She’ll be thrilled and entertained for hours!

09// Turban and Sweater. I’m sorry. I don’t know if this is actually easy or not. Any knitters out there? I’m pretending like it’s easy until I hear otherwise.

10// Gold Leaf Paper Mache Bowls. Storage for all that DIY jewelry your friends are wearing

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