Modcloth A Stylish Surprise

It’s baaaaack!  Modcloth Stylish Surprise only happens a few times a year and sells out quickly as quantities are limited.   For $15, you get a mystery item with retail values from $29.99 to $249.99!   I’ve always been happy with my stylish surprises!  My first surprise was this adorable gingham dress by Tulle, and this simple white tank which has become a staple in my closet.  Such a great deal, and a lot of fun waiting for your mystery package to arrive.  I will share with you my surprise when it arrives, will you share yours?

18 thoughts on “Modcloth A Stylish Surprise

  1. Bailey, thank you for following up with me! I’m so glad you got something you like, that’s such a fun dress! I still haven’t gotten mine:)

  2. I was so excited to actually buy this one, but…my surprise sucked! Two different people thought it looked like a nurse shirt. And it is see through with a horrible car print. I guess I have bad luck!

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